Project Workoutic

Keep your body in good shape

Project Workoutic

Keep your body in good shape

Workoutic is an online system that can personalize your training and eating plans based on your goals, personal details, and physical condition. This makes Workoutic unique. The system provides solutions for various performance levels, from total beginners to professionals, taking into account the individuality of each person. What will the programme do for you?

Training diary

A precise schedule of your fitness day. A new training plan every 30 days.

Database with more than 600 exercises

Access to a database with more than 600 exercises. Each exercise comes with its own instructional video.

Nutritional tables

Nutritional tables linked to the eating plan. You will know what to eat, when to eat, and what the energy value of your food is. Fitness recipes.

Communicating with a coach

Communication channel with a coach who can answer all your questions regarding your program.

Special programmes

6-Pack Special or Super-Butt Special – special program for the belly or the butt. More than 70 exercises for the belly and 100 exercises for the butt, arranged into combinations based on difficulty (beginners as well as professionals).


Training diary

Workoutic will generate your training diary as soon as you complete the introductory form. Your entire program for the next 30 days can be displayed in a day, week, or monthly view. A detailed daily description of meals and their composition will be based on the information you fill in the questionnaire. The system will accurately set the amount and combination of ingredients, as well as the ratio of nutrients in the specific meal, based on your gender, performance, and goals.


Indicate the time you wake up, whether you want to train in one or two phases, if you prefer to train in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and if you want to train on the weekend too. Workoutic will accurately set your entire program according to the required criteria.


Are you planning an extra sports activity? Just add it to your plan, and the system will instantly recalculate your diet on a particular day for the expected energy load.


Eating plan

If you know your blood type and want to exclude foods that are not suitable for you, just select the right blood type in the introductory form or in the personal settings of your user profile. The system will immediately adjust the eating plan to your specific requirements.

Are there some foods that you avoid or dislike? No problem. Simply remove them from the food list, and Workoutic will remember not to add them to your diet. Does the meal plan contain an ingredient you don’t have at home? Replace it with one you have in your fridge right now.

Are you used to eating the same meals every day, or do you prefer a varied diet? Not everybody enjoys eating the same food over and over. Other people don’t feel like cooking something new every day, or they just don’t have enough time. We have thought of that too! Simply choose what you like.


Training plan

It is a well-known fact that you need to vary your training to avoid stagnation. The body gets used to regular stress, and progress slows down or even stops.

Workoutic will modify your workout every 30 days. It will choose a new workout template, a different training split, include new exercises, or choose a new Weider training system. The possibilities are endless, and everything is carefully set up. This way you can be 100% sure that your workout will be modified periodically, and you’ll avoid stagnation.

With each exercise, you can note the weight of the dumbbell or the gym machine. Workoutic will add all of these together, and you will know how many tons you lifted during your workout. This way you can monitor your progress.

Does your training include a machine that is not available at your gym? Or do you have medical restrictions that prevent you from doing a specific exercise properly? No problem! You can replace the exercise in your training plan for another one.

2 tablets

If you’re not sure about the technique of the exercise, don’t know how to breathe properly, or want to check if you’re performing the exercise properly, just open the detailed view of the exercise with all the basic information included. Each exercise has its own instructional video with simple animations that explain the proper technique as well as the most common mistakes made during the exercise. Each video also contains a breathing equalizer that shows how to breathe properly during the whole video.

Sign up and get your program right now. No need to wait for a trainer or nutritionist to draw up an expensive plan for you. Workoutic works quickly, effectively, and flawlessly!

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