Strength Training


Do you wanna push 200lbs on bench press? Not enough ? 400lbs?

We all have our power limits. From time to time it's good to change our training style. Our body will get shock/reset and the change what comes will bring new personal improvement.

Try Workoutic - power training, get better your results in basic exercises such as squat, bench press and deadlift, you'll be surprised where are your current power limits and you'll see how better it'll get you in your standard training.

Workoutitc- Get Strength.

In different words: Powerlifting. You wanna be really strong? Do you like to reach over your limits? This is a program for you. Choice of training principles was consulted with experts. In calculating this program we pay attention that the plan will contain enough of protein and energy what are necessary for power lifting. It is reflected in amount of supplements, set of exercises and balance of nutrition facts in your meal plan. Income and outcome of energy needs to cover extreme performance and regeneration.

Program takes into account a wide range of information thus pay a deep attention while filling the application. After finishing your registration, you will have your Power lifting program immediately. To avoid any stagnation, you will have a new plan every month. Everything thing is set in detail but if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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