Marek / 32 years

Height 5 ft 11 inch (180 cm)
In the beginning After 3 months
Weight 256 lbs (116 kg) 220 lbs (100 kg)
Waist 47 inch (118 cm) 39 inch (99 cm)

Marek's meal & workout plan were based on this information:

Goal: Weight loss
Workout experience: over 5 years
Allergies: none
Not eating: none
Smoker: No
Daily activity: moderate (Workoutic workout plan)
Wake up time: 6:30 am
Workout: 1 phase - afternoon, 05:30 pm
Workout on weekends: yes
Workout type: Gym
Meal variability: no change

The story

"I didn't feel good in my body for a long time. I was not satisfied with the body, eternally tired, mood swings and health problems (high fat level, fat-coated organs). I am playing active sports, but I could not force myself to change my eating style.

As a fan of Stefan Havlík, I liked his FB page. Once I saw a post from him announcing the "Transformation with Workoutic" competition. I took it as a sign, so I wrote to him and waited. After 3 weeks I received an email ... "Hi, I chose you for the transformation ..." this was my first impulse, which I wanted to use 100%!

The beginnings were difficult, I started from day to day. The first week I was suffering, but when I saw -2 kg at the end of the week, it was amazing. At the beginning, I consulted everything with Stefan, who set up Workoutic exactly according to my needs. There were no problems with the program, I was able to adjust the exercises and put together the ideal workout. A wide selection of food is also a big plus. I chose food and Workoutic took care of the rest so it wasn't a monotonous meal plan.

During the whole transformation, I had only positive emotions. Everything worked as it should, the weight decreased, I was not tired and I began to realize better how my body works. Stefan was always ready to answer when I wrote to him about the problems / progress / consultations, he answered immediately. I reported my progress every Sunday, and Stefan was always wondering how I managed the week to see if there were any complications.

I felt a great responsibility towards Stefan and myself. I realized that he gave his time to me, he provided me with his program for 3 months. That's why I didn't want to write to him at the end of the week that I didn't follow the meal plan because ... because ... and that's why I gained weight. I just wanted to take this chance of the situation 100% and that is why I responsibly followed my meal and workout plan.

After three months, I was a completely different person. -16 kg (35 lbs) and loss in waist -19 cm (8 inches). Even after the challenge, I continued in the set mode, I still use Workoutic and my weight is currently 91 kg (-25 kg) ( 200 lbs so - 55 lbs). I finally learned how to finally live healthy, how to put food together. Health problems are gone and with them the old wardrobe too. I do not regret and highly recommend this program to everyone. I am Workoutic!"

The meal and workout plans