Our team at Workoutic is always thrilled when our customers reach the goals they set. This is also the case of Petra who started her Gold membership at the weight of 172 lbs and lost 44 lbs by following her personalized plans.

Petra's meal and training plans were created based on her gender, age, her fitness goal, training experience, blood type, allergies and many other factors. Petra was able to set up the time when she wakes up and when she prefers to work out. Every day of her monthly meal and training plan was customized according to these two important time marks.

These plans were also being updated by the changes in her weight during the following 30 days. The frequent changes helped Petra to achieve her goal faster. In order to keep the plans easy to follow, Petra was able to switch meals and workout to her taste and to her possibilities.

Petra's personalized meal plan for 1 day - example


Petra's customized training plan for 1 day - example