Question: I'd like to exercise home, does program of this plan.

Answer: System offers to change the exercise in your plan. If you find exercises in your plan and you don't have equipment to perfom at your place you can easily replace it. We expand our exercise gallery and there are new exercises all the time. In a near future there will be a button "Home exercises" and in questionnaire will be the option to pick home exercise.


Question: Can I monitor my progress?

Answer: Yes, Workoutic has a function where you can monitor every rep of your series and weights you're lifting. System will calculate this number and you can see it anytime later. You can also write comments to each exercise. In profile there is "My progress" button where you can monitor your progress history.


Question: In my meal plan there is an ingredient I don't have home, is there a way how to replace it?

Answer: Meal plan can be adjusted. Either you have the ingredient or not system can always find a replacement and system will immediately recalculate whole plan to keep up with your plan and goals.


Question: Can I change an exercise in my plan?

Answer: Yes, system will offer you alternative. This exercise will be picked from the same category to keep up with your exercise plan.


Question: I won't be able to do my workout today can I push it?

Answer: Pushing training and non training days can be done in week days or monthly program. Just click on the day plan and move it where ever you need. (Just finishing it)


Question:: How often is training plan changed?

Answer: Training plan changes every 30 days. System will pick new methodics, new diestribution of muscle parts, new exercises and new training and non training days. Thank to this we have unlimited option of combinations and your progress will be never stopped. Just follow the plan. You can always adjust your plan.


Question: Time zone setting. Do I have to change it during my travels?

Answer: It recommended to adjust your time zone to your current place. Systems uses time to set up right plans scheduling.


Question: In my profile I have wake up time at 7am, can I set a different time for each day?

Answer: Yes, in your daily plan you can adjust your wake up time for each day.


Question: During the weekends I exercise in different time than in workdays, can I adjust it?

Answer: Yes, just as you can adjust your wake up time so is time of your work out can be changed in your daily plan. (Just finishing)


Question: I'd like to go for a jog in my day off. Can I add it to the program?

Answer: Adding any sport activities can be done in daily plan. Just click on a button "Add activity" where you pick sport activity and length of it. System will automatically re-calculate and use it in your plan.


Question: I have no time for breakfast, can I train on empty stomach?

Answer: We do not recommend to train on empty stomach, you can find this topic better described HERE. Just in case you don't have time for breakfast you can pick a workout before the first meal of the day in questionnaire or adjust in your profile setting.


Question: I'd like to recommend this program to a friend. Is there a way to send an invitation?

Answer: Yes, program has implemented affiliate program for each user. In the left side of your PC screen or below top menu on your cellphone there is a button "Invite a friend and make money". There you can send an email to your friends or just easily post a banner on your FACEBOOK page with direct link to a program. You will be receiving 10% from each payment they make.


Question: I'd like to join a Bikini fitness competition. Will Workoutic help me with it?

Answer: There is nothing impossible for Workoutic ! We recommend to check our category REFERENCES, where you can see a lot of top professionals who where helped by Workoutic to get them to the top. You'll find there European champions or world champions in different categories - Bikini Fitness or bodybuilding. Workoutic is also a partner of Muscle and Fitness magazine and its competition "Get in shape with Muscle and Fitness" all contestants have access to Workoutic for free.


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