Allow me a little consideration:


a. Energy surplus

1. If I eat well but do not workout, there will be no change in the form of muscle gain. I can gain more weight and be fat.


2. If I give up on the diet, I will not count protein and energy, I will do everything without thinking, but I will exercise regularly, sooner or later I will see a change in my shape anyway! The active mass will surely increase, basal metabolism will increase, fat loss will become more efficient. Certainly I will not be outlined, but the difference will be seen!


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b. Energy deficit

1. Energy intake will be less than expenditure and you will not even workout. First, the body gets rid of the active matter, because it does not need it to provide vital functions, basal metabolism is reduced. Over time, the body also reaches for fat stocks and will look like a underweight spider.


2. I will eat the minimum, irregularly, but I will workout regularly. The body will try to maintain active muscle mass, because of regular load, because of the energy deficit will have to reach for fat stocks. The change in the figure will be reversible, the muscles are shredded, but this condition is unsustainable in the long term. Over time, muscle mass begins to lose.


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c. Energy balance

1. Energy intake relates with energy expenditure during the day. I'm not doing any workout or doing any other physical activity. What can change? Nothing!


2. Eat as much food per day as I need to cover my daily energy expenditure, including workout. Active matter grows slowly due to regular training, basal metabolism speeds up and fat burning is more efficient. The change of shape is visible!


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So what about the percentages? From what I wrote above, I see it on the contrary workout 60% and diet 40%. In certain cases it is possible without a well-set diet, but without workout it never works !!! Do you agree?


Stefan Havlik

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