I’m 34 years old with two kids, a full-time job and minimal time to exercise.


Last year I went out with my husband to enjoy a date night, which is so rare these days. I was enjoying the dinner experience until I started to notice I am significantly larger than other women in the restaurant. Then my mind starts racing about how much weight I’ve gained since I’ve had kids, my clothes don’t fit, I could never wear that dress...so many negative thoughts.


For a few different reasons, that dinner experience was a turning point for me and the next day I was dedicated to making a change.


I’ve read more articles than I can count about losing weight and have tried all the big diets, none of which work long-term. I tried going to the gym and working with a personal trainer – but much like popular diets, working with a trainer isn’t financially sustainable either. Then my coworker told me about Workoutic.


For just, $9.99 I was able to chat with a personal trainer and have nutritional plan and workout regimen that works for my body type, goals and lifestyle. I’ve been using my custom plans for 12 weeks and the difference is mind-blowing! I feel confident, healthy and motivated to keep up the hard work because the results are so clear.


Thank you Workoutic.com ! Do yourself a favor and visit workoutic.com…you will not be disappointed.