American scientists have found that ... there are so many theories like this. One scientific study alternates other and it also changes the results.


Let’s talk about it with clear mind.  What is the assumed condition of the human body in the morning after awakening? Glycogen is exhausted because we have not eaten for about 8 hours. Of course there is something left there, it won‘t be a complete zero. The organism is prone to catabolism and the first source of energy to reach is Glycogen. If it does not have Glycogen, according to certain theories, it will start to burn fat. The truth, however, is that the second source of energy is muscle tissue. This is not absolutely necessary for the functioning of the organism. Of course, it does not work by always burning only one source of energy. We talk about the primary source. Let's take a look at it a little. Muscles are the biggest consumer of energy in the human body. The more muscles we have, the more powerful is total metabolism in the body. This then affects the burning of fat ... more muscles = greater energy consumption = burn more fat. That means that if we want to burn fat, we should protect our muscles. It does not matter at what level of performance the individual is in. From my own experience of a professional bodybuilder I know I have never had any problems with fat burning due to the amount of muscle mass.


But let's go back to the morning. From the above, it is clear that workout with an empty stomach is not the best idea, but there are a numbers of other factors that we should consider.


First of all, it's the length of the workout. From the experience that I have suggested that even a less trained individual (understand not a bodybuilder) or a beginner can workout with an empty stomach for up to 30 minutes. Still, some Glycogen was left to us, otherwise we would not be alive. The human body knows how to create Glycogen, if necessary, from its own ... muscles. However, if we move about +20-30 minutes, we must count on the consequences.


The second thing to consider is supplementation. Supplements that have a positive effect on fat burning can affect how much energy the body will draw during the physical load. At that time, we can also think about workout with an empty stomach.


However, if we plan to workout in the morning for more than 30 minutes, I recommend taking a certain amount of carbohydrates. It is necessary for fat burning. The amount of carbohydrates depends both on the type of the workout and the activity of the individual. If you've ever tried it sometimes, you've certainly noticed that after a strenuous workout that lasted about an hour, you were tired and empty. Workout with a certain amount of energy is „another coffee“. The body can burn fat while preserving muscle mass and at the same time regenerates much faster. You can train better with higher intensity and more often. Burn the bigger amount of energy and the fat! You have to understand that when you just workout like a lazy sheep, it is completely different than when you workout like a beast. We must not forget one more thing ... the brain works on glycogen. Every workout is concentrating on what I do priority. Feed the muscles and the brain before the physical load and the results come faster.


What and how much to eat before workout?


As a source, we recommend complex carbohydrates with medium high to high glycemic index (GI). GI is the number that determines the rate of energy release from food to the body. Oatmeal, fruit (ideal banana), rice, cornflakes, milk rice, pudding ... these are the sources of carbohydrates that come into consideration. In terms of quantity, people who want to lose weight should be about 30 grams of carbohydrates. Again, it depends on the type of the workout and the activity of the individual. Classic bodybuilding workout should be 50-100 grams.


But let's not forget one more alternative, and that's the Ketogenic diet. Who does not know, the ketogenic diet is based on zero intake of carbohydrates (sugars). After a certain time, the body can be set to function without carbohydrates and uses only proteins and fats as a source of energy. The necessary glycogen is made from protein as I mentioned at the beginning of the article. In this case, workout in the morning is not a problem as the body is set to other energy sources than carbohydrates. In the case of the Ketogenic Diet, everything that has been mentioned above does not pay. :D


At the end:

Listen to your own body and learn from the mistakes you make. We are different and we have to figure out what works best for us.