Dominik / 31 years

Height 5 ft 11 inch (182 cm)
In the beginning After 3 months
Weight 243 lbs (110 kg) 205 lbs (93 kg)
Waist 42 inch (106 cm) 35 inch (90 cm)

Dominik's meal & workout plan were based on this information:

Goal: Weight loss
Workout experience: up 2 years
Allergies: none
Not eating: none
Smoker: No
Daily activity: moderate (Workoutic workout plan)
Wake up time: 6:00 am
Workout: 1 phase - afternoon, 05:00 pm
Workout on weekends: yes
Workout type: Gym
Meal variability: no change

The story

"I always tried a diet I found on the internet, in a magazine, someone advised me something, or I tried nutrition tables. There were some results, a few pounds down, but never enough to call it a transformation. I kept hearing from my friends in the gym that I would never have sixpack on my stomach. It was almost always like they said, and after a while I came to terms with the fact that I have advantages for other things, such as pressure on the bench, where those extra pounds helped me to succeed. Due to lack of time for training and poor diet, this was also reflected on my body and 10-15 kilos in extra fat. At that time, I had the feeling that I was also gaining some weight from water.

One evening I was going through FB and I found a TRANSFORMATION challenge. It was the last day of registration and I read that Stefan Havlík is looking for people to transform. I thought a little and finally signed up. I've been waiting for day or two ... so I was saying that probably I was not picked up for this challenge.

The next evening we had a barbecue, a beer ... When I came home with about 1 per mille of alcohol in my blood, I read emails and I started to think if I see well. The email said "I chose you to transform"! I immediately got access to the Workoutic system, where I set my personal data and Stefan checked and adjusted everything. On that day I weighed 242lbs (110kg).

It was quite challenging at the beginning. I had to get used to completely different things ... regime and workout. I consulted everything with Stefan on daily basis. Over time, it got better and better. What was not in the menu did not go into the mouth. I had to have a lot of self-denial and especially support from my wife, who helped me mentally and also with the preparation of meals.

So my life has completely changed for me! My attitude towards lifestyle, daily routine and diet have changed. I began to receive the positive responses from people around me because of my transformation and not just keep listening that it was not possible and that I will not be succsesful. I went for my goal to build a better figure and do things I hadn't done before and they were bothering me. Now, the people who said I will not make it look at me, I did it. Finally, in the first three months of the transformation, I lost 35lbs (16kg) and now total of 53lbs (24kg) to this date. The size of my clothes changed from XXL to M-L. I thank Stefan and the Workoutic program for the opportunity and especially for finding a balance in my life."

The meal and workout plans