No flour, no added sugar, almost no carbohydrates and high quality protein! You only need 3 ingredients.

number of portions: 4 pre-preparation: 5 min preparation: 10 min


1 portion (2 pancakes without sky) contains:
Kcal: 93
protein: 20 g
carbohydrates: 1 g
fat: 1 g


  • 1 measuring cup (30 g) protein powder

  • 2TBSP milk or water

  • 4pcs egg whites
  • ground cinnamon



  1. Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly either manually, in a blender or in a shaker so that no lumps remain.
  2. Heat the pan. If you have a good frying pan, you do not need to rub it with fat, but if it tends to burn, you should spread it or spray it with a piece of oil.
  3. Pour the dough into a heated pan and let the pancake roast on each side for about 2 minutes on a medium flame until it is brown.
  4. Finish the pancake according to taste and imagination - fresh fruit, yoghurt, cottage cheese, nut butter, fruit sauce or maple syrup.
  5. The taste and consistency of the pancake may vary depending on the protein powder used.

Best culinary experience wished from Workoutic.