I often meet with the question of what is the ideal time for workout.


      To answer this question in a responsible way, a few basic points need to be explained.

  1. What is my goal?
  2. Time options?


Gain Mass Work-out:

If we want to get some muscles, I recommend that you break down your daily regimen as follows:

Meal 1 / Meal 2 / Meal 3 / Training / Meal 4 / Meal 5 / Meal 6


In the case of two-phase training:

Meal 1 / Meal 2 / Training A / Meal 3 / Meal 4 / Training B / Meal 5 / Meal 6


If we have a work time that does not allow us to place a training after third meal, try to have at least two meals before or after training.


I have the experience that many, as well as top bodybuilders train at lunch very early, but at least after one meal. In this case, stagnation occurs very quickly and progress can be completely stopped.


The body does not have enough energy for the necessary power and for regeneration process. This is also a kind of cardio exercise. I know that with an empty stomach we can practice a bit more comfortable, but we must try to time our training for such a time that the exercise power and the regeneration process are maximized. It's all just a matter of habit, and it's up to us to prefer convenience to make it faster.


 Get Shape Work-out

All this is also true in diet season. Here, however, we can move the training unit a little earlier, at least after the first meal. I'm not recommending the training with an empty stomach for the details why, I describe in the article Workout with an empty stomach. Yes or No?


If our daily schedule allows us, we can divide the training into two units. Ideal cardio at the morning after first meal and strength training in the afternoon. If we do not have this option, cardio is recommended to divide in the case of one-phase training and place the first part at the beginning of the strength training for 20 minutes and the second part at the end of the strength training in the length of 20-30 minutes. The first half of Cardio sets us to burn fat, which we can use in the next strength training.


Conclusion: Try to get out of our own shadow and overcome our habits or bad habits and move our power and training level to the next level.


Stefan Havlik