Words, or more precisely, words such as "how to lose weight from the abdomen," "ABS workout" or "Butt workout", are one of the most frequently searched on the Internet. By their very nature, the text shows what people are most interested in and which are the most problematic areas. But at the very beginning we have to say that it is impossible to lose weight "ONLY" from the stomach or butt at all, and if we want to lose weight in a certain part, we will have to lose fat from every body area.

But from a metabolic point of view, it does not make sense to me at all, it is true that there is more warmth and more sweating, but it will not be more beneficial than that. It will be rather the opposite, the body will overheat and dehydrate and metabolic processes will not work in optimal mode.


At the same time, I want to emphasize one thing, if we have a problem area and we decide to do something about it, we have to wrap ourselves in a pinch of patience and believe in what we do. Of course, we must have the diet and sports activities set up properly. When we realize one crucial thing that weight loss takes place more or less at the same rate all over the body, we have to conclude that where it is the most, it will always be the most and lose it will take time. Another factor is genetics, and since the body stores fat deposits at a certain place a little more than elsewhere, it also don’t want to give up easily.


As it is generally known, the essence of weight loss is simple mathematics. Energy intake (food) must be lower than energy expenditure. No other key exists! However, you should also be careful here. Extremely low calorie intake significantly slows metabolism, which means that energy intake settings must be well balanced. We know many kinds of diets, and most of them probably work for some time.

We will not break them down here, there is not enough space. In my opinion, the diet should be balanced and we should avoid fast food and sweet drinks as much as possible.


I often come across the question of how I feel about "Cheat day" or just "Cheat meal," so when we do something forbidden, something that will temporary confuse our head and belly. From my own experience, I will only say that when I was preparing for the competition with some "Cheats", I’ve never had a competitive form in a race than when I kept everything to the point without cheat meals during the preparation. So, if you want to get to your desired goal as quickly as possible, be as strict as you can to keep your prescribed diet. I know that this is not always easy and new and new temptations are coming in, but if we remember why we started a few days or weeks ago and how far we remain, maybe the temptations will not be a big problem.

Another thing is that my Workoutic's clients sent me messages like: "I lost 3.30lbs (1.5kg) in weight per week, what should I do to make it faster?". So, first of all, if we lose at least 1.10lbs (0.5kg) per week, it’s a great result and if we can keep this tempo for several weeks, weight loss will be more or less permanent while maintaining the optimum mode. Second, I keep saying, if something works, there is no need to drill to this process. It is not very healthy to lose 22.04lbs (10kg) per month. Yes we can do it, especially if we have fat waiting for three people. But it is certainly not healthy and it will not work for a long time.


Fat burners. Proper dosage and especially the timing of nutritional supplements can help us get rid of excess fat. I'm not going to advertise different types and brands of burners here, but if you have any, follow the recommended dosage.


So let's sum it up and maybe give a few good tips in addition:


1. We lose more or less from the whole body, no matter what kind of sport we do, or whether we are wrapped in plastic.

2. Be patient, where we have the most fat reserves, it will be visible at the end.

3. Starving is not a solution, we can unnecessarily slow down metabolism or cause health problems.

4. Do the sport activity you enjoy most, it will work better.

5. Less cheat days/cheat meals, planned, or unplanned will lead us to the goal faster.

6. Follow the drinking routine. 5 liters a day, especially during the summer months, will provide the body with enough fluids to avoid overheating, health problems, or slowing down metabolism.

7. The fat burners certainly have something about them, do not exceed the maximum dosage, half a pound of fat up or down on your stomach is not worth a heart attack.



I will give you a typical example of one client's diet and training that, thanks to the Workoutic program, has managed to throw off excess fat from the entire body, and within a few months it has come to a dream body. You can see her whole plan HERE.

For more successful stories, I recommend project Get In Shape with Muscle & Fitness on their site.


Stefan Havlik, professional bodybuilder, trainer and diet expert