I want to lose weight! I've already tried everything, but I still can't do it. I will still go back to the beginning and feel that it is only getting worse. I can't lose weight permanently; I don't know how to do it. These are common words of people who are overweight.


Diets don't work!!! Not everyone has the will to hold a diet and there are so many to choose from. If we had a different diet every week, it would certainly have passed for at least a year, and we would still be eating according to another miraculous recipe. What is quite substantial, ordinary diets only choose from the small amount of food we can eat. Of course it is natural that we still miss something, we do not feel good and after a while we give up the fight against weight loss.


The problem is not in the diet, the problem is in the mindset. How to change it?



We have a solution for you! Workoutic - meal and workout planner.


What is Workoutic?

It is an online program which is based on a large number of input values, sets the client with an accurate meal plan and workout plan according to his requirements. Client chooses one of four goals (to lose weight, gain muscles, fitness, or strength workout), sets when he wakes up in the morning and when he plans to workout, and Workoutic suggests a monthly meal plan and workout plan.


Workoutic is not a diet, workoutic is a change of mindset!


Why Workoutic?

Workoutic can be customized to the client's daily mode at any time. The biggest benefit is that all plans can be customized according to the user's ability.


What do you get?


You are not hungry with Workoutic!

Workoutic sets a daily meal plan to distribute the energy income evenly. We feel hungry if we don't eat regularly, or we accept food with extremely high energy levels, resulting in more insulin being washed away. Subsequent insulin causes missing of sugar, and then we'll eat everything what comes to our hands. It is clear that we do not lose weight with this behavior.


The diet is not monotonous!

Workoutic offers a diet that you can customize! Either you set up a meal change in the questionnaire and Workoutic will still offer you a different menu, or you can change the items in the meal. The total energy in the food does not change. Workoutic always rewrites all the other items to maintain the necessary values ​​for protein, carbohydrate and fat intake while maintaining their ratios.


Workoutic is not a diet!

All diet programs, or weight loss programs, have one thing in common, prohibiting meals you are not allowed to eat. Workoutic doesn't work like that! Workoutic selects items from a large food database. The only thing the program sets is the amount and the correct nutrient ratios.



Everyone has a goal, but not everyone has a plan! Workoutic always plans the entire program one month in advance. The user can customize his program according to his options and requirements. Workoutic allows you to move your workout day, change your food in a diet, or add sporting activity and much more.


Don't waste your time holding diets. Workoutic registration


Stefan Havlik