Below is a list of basic nutrition facts that will help you make smart choices:


a) Drink a lot of unsweetened liquids


b) Breakfast is the major meal of the day - yes you have to have a breakfast, it starts your metabolism brain function and lot of other mechanism in your body


c) Eat at least 5-6 portions of food a day 


d) Remember your body and absorb only about 40g of protein in one meal


e) If you feel hungry, eat a healthy snack such as vegetable, protein shake, or non-fat carb


f) Not hungry but having an appetite? This is very common feeling especially at the beginning. Drink water with lemon and curb that empty appetite.


A Nutrition plan to lose weight the right way is very personal and unique for each person and there is no harm in consulting in a professional to get on the right track. Visit and learn more about the best plan for you.


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